You wake up one morning, go to work and everything is as it should be. But a surprise press conference halfway around the world is all it takes to turn your life inside out.

Noah Greer was in the minority. He was actually prepared for that day but no matter how much he tried to warn his friend and fellow church member, Tara refused to listen.

Soon she finds herself out of work, unable to provide for herself and under pressure to align with the Federation of World Powers that promises security, peace, and prosperity to all who join. All she would have to do is place a mark of identification on her head.

But not just any mark.

His mark.

The whole world faces the same decision–take the mark or die. As the final days of history race to their biblical conclusion, some are prepared to survive the last days but most are not and even the most careful preparations are not foolproof.

Overcomer is the second novel by Kristen Wisen, author of The Appearing. Following the same international timeline as her first book, Wisen throws the reader ahead in time to the final days before the return of Christ, spinning a tale of faith, love and deception, while also challenging the reader to visit their own beliefs and preparation for this time.


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