Who are we?

Flipping Books and Stuff (FB&S) is a family owned online bookstore that originated out of a passion for reading and sharing that same aspiration with others. The intent of FB&S is to supply new and used books to online customers at a discounted rate, facilitating their love for reading by offering more affordable prices than mainstream outlets. It consists of a vast inventory of new and used books from an array of genres and authors.​

What’s in the name?

As avid readers and book enthusiast, we generally pride ourselves on reading at least 20 books or more per month. Therefore, we not only “flip pages”, we “flip books”. Based on how we acquire our inventory and our ability to offer discounted rates, the concept of flipping books is similar to that of flipping houses. The “and Stuff” aspect of our name pertains to additional authorship merchandise we plan to add to our inventory in the near future.

What about the inventory?

The books being sold originated from a variety of sources by leveraging personal resources. Because FB&S is an online store and due to the uncertainty of the condition of the items in question, the purchase and trading of books from outside sources cannot be accommodated at this time. Customers are invited to browse the FB&S website at any time. If for some reason a product of interest is not available or the customer has questions or concerns, FB&S staff will do their best to address the matter within 48 hours.

Why use FB&S?

FB&S provides a great adventure for all readers at reduced prices. As a family, we not only assist with the journey, but also take the journey with book lovers of all ages. Why are you sharing other valuable information ("Stuff") on your Facebook page? We want to celebrate authors, share events, tell about new books, remind you about old books, advertise books and other related information. Why aren’t books being sold on this page? We have a website that we’ve invested in that is SSL secured for purchases.


Flipping to Feed Families


Flipping Books to Readers


Flipping Books to Prison/Orphanages


Flipping Book Supporters/Donors

The Flipping Team

Princess F. L. Gooden

Chief Executive Officer

Reginald R. Gooden

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Dianne S. Hollins

Owner/ General Manager
Newnan Location

Aiyana Jackson

Web/Social Media Manager
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