Single Mama's Got More Drama By: Kayla Perrin

Single Mama's Got More Drama By: Kayla Perrin

SKU: 978077832616

This single mama’s been through hell—her cheating (and still married) fiancé is dead, her professional reputation is in tatters, the man she really loves walked out of her life and, worst of all, she’s about to lose her fabulous South Beach condo to a conniving bitch. And it ain’t over yet.

Which makes Lewis Carter’s marriage proposal even worse. Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend is offering her a way out—marry him and poof! her financial problems are history. She knows firsthand what a player he is, but Lewis claims those days are over, and that if Vanessa loved him once, she can love him again. All she has to do is say yes.

Marrying Lewis would be the solution to everything—Vanessa could keep her condo, she’d have security for her daughter, and heaven knows the man’s hotter than Miami sunshine. But how can she when she’s still in love with motivational speaker Chaz Andersen?

Should she follow her head (go with the money, honey!) or her heart (choose Chaz, choose love!)? No matter which man wins, this single mama is about to get even more drama when her daughter’s babydaddy shows up, wanting the most important thing of all: her child.


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