The Master of His Game By: Kenneth E. Roberts

The Master of His Game By: Kenneth E. Roberts

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Smooth talking Jason Keeble is featured in this novel based on true events of mind-boggling, con games used to manipulate and coerce the public out of money and possessions. A natural born con artist, Jason mastered the game so well it allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle most would dream of. The cons delivered high financial scores and attracted beautiful women to Jason but the southern charmer’s amorous adventures broke many hearts. Women couldn’t resist the magnetic mystery behind Jason Keeble and were quick to fall in love, but the debonair con man always followed his heart – the road and the con games. Jason’s ability to twist the truth and escape the law will leave readers mystified and engrossed with the unbelievable turn of events as one of the most shocking con games ever played is revealed.
The Master of His Game, the first novel from author Kenneth E. Roberts, showcases the author’s ability to captivate an audience with his engaging storytelling craft. Roberts’ courage to share his past struggle of choosing between his love for family and his obsession to play a game he mastered, the cons, exhibits his courage and encourages readers of the possibilities of change and the power of love and forgiveness.


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