What would you do if you met a guy who adored you and possessed all of the qualities you've ever wanted in a man, but he didn't look like you had always dreamed? Thirty-seven-year-old family law attorney Bailey Gentry, an African American woman, found herself in such a dilemma. Exclusive and unwavering in her loyalty to black men, but still single, childless, with no prospect in sight, she begins to reassess if her longstanding "nothing but a black man will do" mantra has been a benefit or a detriment to her love life. A Box of White Chocolate is the hilarious story of one woman's tug-of-war after meeting her ideal man, a guy who is her total package, except for one factor--he is white. Filled with memorable characters and a surprising subplot, A Box of White Chocolate offers a view into the minds of black women who can't or won't exercise their options, at a time when black men are exercising theirs.


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