What happens after all your dreams come true? In these uplifting tales of faith and fortune, delve into the lives of three people whose hearts-and wallets-are on the line when an unexpected windfall tests them like never before . . . Showers of Blessings Angela Benson Assistant pastor Ronnie has a shameful secret: he's a compulsive gambler. And just when it seems he's run out of luck, he finds salvation in a miraculous win. But nothing can keep Ronnie from recklessly betting his family's future. His only way out is through renewed faith-and a desperate act of redemption. Second Chance Blessings Marilynn Griffith Pro football player Craig Richards has it all, from the trophy wife to the lavish mansion-until an injury costs him everything. Defeated, he returns to the community and church he left behind-and discovers his loss just might be a blessing in disguise. But will a second shot at fame and fortune lead him astray once more? Knight In Pink Armor Tia McCollors Dara Knight's dream goes far beyond the multi-million dollar lottery she just won. Her real desire is to rebuild a poverty-stricken Atlanta community. But when a vicious gang sets out to destroy her project, will she have enough courage to prove that investing in people, against all odds, yields heaven-sent rewards? Angela Benson is a graduate of Spelman College and the author of Sins of the Father, Up Pops the Devil, Abiding Hope, the Christy Award-nominated Awakening Mercy, and the Essence bestseller The Amen Sisters. She is currently an associate professor at the University of Alabama and lives in Tuscaloosa. Marilynn Griffith is a freelance writer and frequent conference speaker whose online columns and blogs reach thousands of women each year. She is the author of Rhythms of Grace and two series-the Sassy Sistahood series and the Shades of Style series. Marilynn lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her husband and their seven children.


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