Borrow Trouble By: Mary Monroe & Victor McGlothin

Borrow Trouble By: Mary Monroe & Victor McGlothin

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"A perfect blend of two amazing stories by two talented authors." --Books2Mention

"Monroe and McGlothin share engaging tales of how one night changed the course of some unsuspecting individuals."--The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

A woman lets herself go and finally does something wrong. Down on his luck, a man tries to do something right. For both, the consequences are as surprising as they are rewarding. . .

"Nightmare in Paradise" by Mary Monroe

Dutiful wife and devoted friend, Renee Webb always does the right thing. So when she gets a chance to let her hair down on a Caribbean vacation, she's more than ready to let go. But all is not as it seems, and Renee finds out that doing the wrong thing might cost her more than she ever imagined. . .

"Bad Luck Shadow"by Victor McGlothin

On the run from some of Harlem's baddest hitmen, Baltimore Floyd's luck takes a turn for the worse after he murders a big-time businessman and gets thrown off a train in Kansas City. Now he's got only one shot to get out alive--the biggest heist in KC's history. Lucky for him, someone's got his back, and is willing to use every trick to save Baltimore from going down for good. . .