The problem was caused by flames so it seemed logical for it to end in smoke. Michael Brydges, just wanted to be Chief of Police in Douglas, Ga. He worked hard, neglected his family, and patched empty promises with “unwanted gifts” for it. He didn’t want his family to want for anything. All they wanted was him. After losing his wife and daughter, he allowed the daughter that he was left to raise to get away with whatever she wanted. No matter the cost, crime, or reason. “She’s grieving,” he explained. Not realizing that each time he “fanned the flames” her behavior would grow worse; causing her to explode with deceit, anger, and violence. Did he hand over the match that would cause the flame to burn the bridge that should have brought them together? Did he add fuel to the fire that would consume the life of the daughter that was still living? Or is it all her fault? 


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