There is Nothing More Dangerous for a Man Than a Woman with a Plan

With a level of confidence that most women would envy, De'Borah Harriston stands at the church sanctuary doors wearing a stylish designer ensemble so sophisticated and eye-catching that a trustee almost drops the collection plate and his religion trying to get another glance of her revealing low-cut neckline. Conniving, De’Borah Harriston is the type of woman you love to hate. While trying to bring down others, will De’Borah find herself entangled in her own web of destruction?

You can’t have an affair with attorney Crystal Calloway's husband, become pregnant with his child, leave text messages saying Crystal's man is divorcing her, and then turn around and be the one behind releasing sex photos of her on the web--that she didn’t even know existed--while simultaneously being the unidentified source in the newspaper that has the police falsely charging her with aiding and abetting a money laundering drug cartel, and think you're going to have Crystal's kid calling you Mommy while she's locked up in the penitentiary. Who you kidding?

A secret society of corrupt Black pastors known as the Preachers' Syndicate wields so much power that their support can determine the winner of the upcoming presidential election. Will the killing of one of its members who had a change of heart result in solidifying the group's power or mark the beginning of their demise?

Pastor David Josiah Goodwell, a true man of God, finds himself embroiled in a vicious smear campaign. As he agonizes over the daunting task of taking over the church his father created, will being true to his authentic call mean destroying the bulk of everything his father built, including the family name?

See how God's love, power and redemption strengthen believers who are struggling to reach new heights in their faith and relationship with God even as their church and church leadership hit new lows.


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