Given our history, this father and this son might well have gone completely separate ways ... And only in becoming a father did I even begin to understand what it meant, what it was, what would be required of me, and who I was/am within that identity, father. Pastor, author, and father Walter Wangerin Jr., along with his adopted son, Matthew, tell the story of their own lifelong relationship and how they survived times when brokenness and bitterness seemed inevitable. It is the story of Matthew's desperate search for independence and his father's own search for authentic fatherhood. This is a book of deep emotion and serious meditation about broken lives and redemption. Father and Son weaves together each writer's personal story and shows: how earthly fathers and sons are shaped by a Creator's relationship with his creation how within the human experience of parenting we discover insights into the spiritual nature of home, family, and eternity itself As in As for Me and My House, Mourning into Dancing, and Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? Walter Wangerin Jr. develops a series of insights about family, which readers can apply to their own lives. And these insights gain added resonance from the words of Matthew Aaron Wangerin. Together, father and son have written a book that must be experienced as well as read. It's a book parents will want to bring their lives to, not just their attention. Father and Son is the story of all of us, for we are all wayward children in need of a loving, patient father.


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