After writing my first journal A Bitter to Better Journey, I decided I wanted to do a series of journals that could help people look at the things that may be troubling them and start the healing process.I’ve done a few things different in this 3rd installment, and will continue to add more in future journals. My hope is that these journals are helpful.Having a feeling of sadness (Gloom) does not have to have a lasting negative effect on your life, you can pick up the pieces and be happy (Gleeful) again.I’ve chosen 18 words to touch on in this journal and I hope as you write down and explore your feeling, you begin to find happiness.This journal can be used for any type of situation… Again, my hope is that you are able to find happiness within a broken situation and become better. Self-evaluation makes a huge difference in moving forward with your life. The goal is to strive for happiness! You can do it.


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