In her years as a therapist and women's workshop leader, author Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse has found twelve recurring issues that construct the fabric of a woman's life:

• body image and health • making the most of your time • rituals and traditions • managing money • humor and laughter • spirituality • relationships • sacred places • stages and passages • role models • choices • qualities 

They are all explored in Girl Talk, a collection of affirmations that are simple in presentation yet complex in meaning--a thought-provoking, inspriational tool intended as a guide through life's milestones. Each affirmation is inspiring, thoughtful, and reflective. Filled with contemplations that discern and honor the sacred in everyday events, the affirmations will motivate women of all ages and in every stage of life to take a fresh approach to old challenges while honoring the familiar minutiae of everyday living.


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