When Moe and Paige Becnel married in 1989, blending a family of five children, their hopes of a happy marriage and family quickly deteriorated into frequent and seemingly unending disagreements due to not knowing how to resolve the issues. The many issues that are exclusive to blended families began to take a toll on the relationships, joy, peace, and stability they longed for within their home. Moe and Paige found themselves suffocating in issues of children vs. stepchildren, the impact of divorce on children, new rules and whose rules, competition for time, differing opinions, former spouses, and many others. The Becnels began to seek solutions to the blending issues in the Holy Bible, and found the root of the issues and the solutions there. As they began to follow God s leading, the Spirit of God began an amazing transformation. Now in its second edition, God Breathes on Blended Families is not only a captivating narrative of the Becnel family s journey to wholeness, it is a key resource guide for all blended families Today, the Becnel family is more unified than many biological families. Moe and Paige recognize that their united family is the result of God s restoration and supernatural provision, and they offer these words of encouragement and guidance to their readers: God promises His blessings to those who serve Him and seek His face . . . what He has done for the Becnel family He will do for yours.


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