After witnessing the murder of their mother, the three Jackson sisters are separated and living hard lives far away from each other. DOMINIQUE is in love with a man who once saved her but is now threatening to destroy her. Will she be able to break free from him in time? Just as DONYA finally clawed her way from living on the streets to being a self-made Bohemian chick, she finds herself in the middle of two disasters. DAMITA is the fast-talking, fast-thinking, straight-A high school senior with an attitude and temper she inherited from her father. Will she let it ruin her the way it ruined him? Holler at the Moon is the coming of age story of three sisters who fight hard to create their place in the world without the guidance of a mother or the love of a father. Can they find healing and become the women they hope to be or will their dark pasts be their ultimate downfalls?


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