Lisette is a flawless beauty with a keen business sense. As head fashion designer for an elite firm, she has no time for drama. Besides, her co-worker and friend, Marlene, fills her in on enough drama to last her whole day.
Marlene's married to an attractive philanderer named Steve. She wants to divorce him, but there are complications in doing so. If she were to actually catch him cheating on her, then all of those other complications would go away. But how? A setup, of course. A business deal is made, and Lisette, the Home Wrecker, is born.
Three years later, Lisette has made a career out of helping wealthy wives stick it to their controlling, soon-to-be ex-husbands. A job like this is not only stressful but very dangerous, so her clientele is kept very exclusive. When a mysterious caller says she needs help or else bad things will start to happen, there is more at stake than possible exposure... Lisette might get a taste of her own medicine.


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