Dylan Monroe is the kind of chick females love to hate, but children and dogs mysteriously adore. She's a material girl, living in a material world filled with diamonds, furs, limousines, celebrities, and private plans. To the world, she has it all, but behind closed doors, she has nothing. Almost bankrupt, she finds solace with State, a wealthy entrepreneur with a heart of steel, the man who breaks her heart time and time again. When State leaves her b heart in shambles, she turns to Angel, her best friend's brother. She had a secret crush on him for years. Swept her off her feet by her new love, but still mending the pain of the old one, Dylan finds herself caught up in a web of lies, love, list, and betrayal. National best-selling author Keisha Ervin delivers a sophisticated love story filled with laughter, witty banter...and excessive shopping!!


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