One Season Of Sunshine By: Julia London

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Elementary-school teacher Jane Aaron cancels her summer vacation plans and heads to Cedar Springs, Texas, to find her birth mother. While there, she's hired by Asher Price, a wealthy widower, to look after his 13-year-old daughter, Riley, and five-year-old son, Levi. Around town, Jane also hears rumors that an older woman was killed in the same car accident that claimed Asher's wife.

As Jane finds herself growing attached to the children, she discovers how a woman can come to love children she didn't give birth to, exactly as her adoptive mother must have done. Just as she and Asher are falling in love, Jane suspects that Asher's late wife might actually have been her mother. With this possible bizarre coincidence between them, neither feels comfortable pursuing a relationship, and Jane goes back home to her teaching job in Houston broken-hearted. But after she discovers that her birth mother was the other woman killed in the accident, Jane returns to Cedar Springs - and this time, Asher, Riley, and Levi refuse to let Jane leave town.