It was 1950 when Rev. Oliver became the assistant pastor at the Concord Baptist Church located in the small Georgia community of Rehoboth. Everyone agreed it was a stroke of good fortune; he was young and handsome and had a beautiful and vivacious wife. He seemed to be just the person to bring new life to the church and the community. Unfortunately, Rev. Oliver had a little problem; he just couldn’t keep the senior pastor’s daughter out of his mind. The beautiful, fifteen year old Elizabeth haunted his every thought until he became overcome with lust; he catches her alone and rapes her. After a hidden pregnancy she gives birth to her son, Johnny in the girls restroom at her high school. Reverend Turner, Elizabeth’s father, refused to believe her story of being raped and disowned her and her baby. He forced Elizabeth and his wife, Loretha to hide the identity of the baby’s father, and they lived the next thirty six years with lies and secrets. But the secret unravels; Rev. Oliver and Rev. Turner were forced to face the emotional pain and hardships they caused their families.


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