Biracial but white-looking, Nina Moore is the daughter of a rich and famous black musician and a deceased white woman no one in the family will talk about.

Burdened with secrets her father refuses to divulge, Nina finds that living as a black woman in white skin, she's attracting the wrong men, receiving privileges she didn't earn and running from a past she didn't create.

After dumping her colorstruck fiancé, Nina falls for Ahmad Jefferson, a sexy and intriguing ex-convict and single father who has no love for white folks and won't give her the time of day.

While Ahmad focuses on raising his young daughter alone, he makes it clear his friendship with Nina will never develop into anything more, and as he searches for a "real sista" to invite into his life, Nina uncovers a family secret that loosens her hold on everything that has ever held her upright.


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