With her newest Alexandra Cooper novel, Terminal City, New York Times best-selling author Linda Fairstein delivers another breakneck thriller that captures the essence of New York City - its glamour, its possibilities, and its endless capacity for darkness.

Linda Fairstein is well-known for illuminating the dark histories in many of New York's forgotten corners - and sometimes in the city's most popular landmarks. In Terminal City, Fairstein turns her attention to one of New York's most iconic structures - Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal is the very center of the city. It's also the sixth-most-visited tourist attraction in the world. From the world's largest Tiffany clock decorating the 42nd Street entrance to its use of electric trains since the early 1900s, Grand Central has been a symbol of beauty and innovation in New York City for more than 100 years.

But "the world's loveliest station" is hiding more than just an underground train system, and in Terminal City Alex Cooper and Mike Chapman must contend with Grand Central's dark secrets as well as their own changing relationship.


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