By all appearances, the Cavanaughs of West Palm have an ideal marriage and family life-the perfect home with few complications. Leslie, the beautiful mother, shines brightly in corporate America. Her adoring husband, Luke, is movie-star handsome and an award-winning architect. Their privileged daughter, Kathryn, enjoys the best that life has to offer. But castles built on sand are eventually washed away by the sea. Leslie Cavanaugh is not who she claims to be-she's a woman with a painful secret that's about to shake the entire family to its core. And she's not the only one playing a game of deception. Her daughter is risking more than the family's good name with her search for love and attention in all the wrong places, and Leslie finds the unmistakable clues that her husband is having an affair. As she struggles to hold her family together, nothing can prepare her for the most intimate betrayal of all.


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