When Marianne Fleury agreed to marry Axel Brandson, she thought she knew what to expect. He needed a wife to qualify for a large inheritance; she needed a wealthy husband to escape her impoverished existence. Taking up residence in the Brandson family estate, they greed it was to be a marriage of convenience.

But secluded in the rambling old house, Marianne realized she was falling in love with her new husband--despite the dreaded rumors she heard that implicated him in the murder of his father!

Suspense, danger, romance and sudden death all blend frighteningly in the high-ceilinged rooms of an 18th-century mansion.

The Dark Shore

The first little accidents didn't bother Sarah Hamilton. She was simply too happy to be worried. After all, having just become the bride of charming, enigmatic Jon Towers, why should she be anything but blissfully content?

But the "accidents" became more and more frequent...and Sarah's instincts warned her to run for her life.

She knew only that Jon's first wife, Sophia, had plunged to her death from a nearby cliff, under mysterious and very questionable circumstances. Was there some ghastly secret being covered up? Would Sarah be the next to die? If only she could uncover the truth about Sophia's death--before it was too late!


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