Since all women experience menopause differently, shouldn't there be more than one treatment? For decades, it was estrogen that was supposedly the ultimate cure-all for "the change." Recently, progesterone has been touted as the most effective menopause treatment. Dr. Joseph Collins reveals there is no magic hormone or combination of hormones that can be indiscriminately prescribed to all women. In fact, he has identified 12 different types of menopause, each requiring a treatment that is as unique as the women experiencing it.

In What's Your Menopause Type? you'll discover Dr. Collin's revolutionary program designed to help you take charge of this life stage. Using a revealing questionnaire, he shows you how to determine your own menopause type and then prescribes the best nutritional, herbal, glandular, or hormonal treatment for your unique symptoms. He also provides everything you need to know to better understand this stage of life such as:

• Which natural and conventional treatments are best for you—and which to avoid
• How to weigh the risks and benefits of hormone-replacement therapy
• A complete description of hormones and their effects on your body
• Advice on how to order hormone tests
• Suggestions for choosing a "hormone educated" doctor
• And much, much more!

With the help of Dr. Collins and this empowering book, you can take charge of menopause and get on with your life!


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